Great Things About Best Weed Killer For Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed

Many people do not bother getting the Japanese knotweed survey done on their property. But they don’t know that Japanese knotweed, an invasive plant, can threaten patios and pathways. You are also responsible for any damage to their property if the Japanese knotweed spreads to neighboring properties. Every day, legal claims about knotweed encroachment are rising. All of this makes Japanese knotweed surveys very important. You will be able to save lots of money by identifying this invasive plant early. You should get a Japanese weed survey done if you have Japanese knotweed problems on your home.


A knotweed survey report is also a great idea if you’re looking to purchase any property. This will allow you to determine if it has Japanese knotweed. The knotweed survey is a way to determine if your property may be infected. There is a greater risk of knotweed growing within the property boundaries.

The landowner must act immediately to eliminate the plant from their property to stop it spreading to neighbor’s properties. Failure to do so could result in heavy penalties. An expert Japanese knotweed survey can help you assess the extent of its effect on your property. If they find that the Japanese knotweed is straddling several properties, the team will determine the root area from where it is coming from.

It’s worth mentioning that the person responsible for knotweed encroachment on another person’s property becomes liable with claims which can go as high as 10% of the property value. Thus, Japanese knotweed is important for both the defendant and the claimant. The team will create a Japanese knotweed management plan after the survey. This plan will outline the best way to address the problem. You don’t need to know much about Japanese knotweed. Professionals can help you with the survey as well as provide management advice. It is a good idea to hire professional Japanese knotweed removal professionals.